Wichita County Community Supervision & Corrections Department

In a collaborative effort with the State of Texas to reduce the number of probationers being revoked to the Institutional Division of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice for technical violations, the Wichita County CSCD uses a continuum of sanctions.  These sanctions address technical violations of probation and are meant to redirect the probationer to productive behavior that leads to successful completion of the terms of probation.


The continuum of sanctions includes, but is not limited to:

· Verbal and written warnings

· Additional community service restitution hours

· Outpatient substance abuse treatment

· Attendance at AA or NA groups

· Attendance at classes or programs for anger management, cognitive restructuring,

                 DWI Education, Substance Abuse Education, shoplifting/theft, job education and training

· Curfew

· Ineligible for a travel permit

· Thirty (30) day inpatient substance abuse treatment

· Increased reporting


· Administrative hearings with a supervisor

· Agreed Modifications of terms of probation

· Jail time


If the technical violations become chronic or pose a serious threat to the community, a violation report is filed with the Wichita County Criminal District Attorney requesting a Motion to Revoke or a Motion to Proceed with Adjudication of Guilt and the issuance of a warrant.


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