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Mail all forms and correspondence to:


Wichita County Adult Probation

P.O. Box 179

Wichita Falls, Texas  76307-0179

(English Monthly Report Form 34 kb) You may download, print, then mail or fax this form to your officer. Our fax number is (940) 766-8109.
  • emrfweb.pdf

  • (Forma Reporte Mensual de Español 17 kb)
  • smrfweb.pdf

  • (Request for Travel Permit 27 kb) To obtain a travel permit: This form must be submitted to supervision officer a minimum of 48 hours prior to travel date and time and you must be in substantial compliance all conditions of probation.Our fax number is 940-766-8109.
  • requestfortravel.pdf

  • Wichita County Adult Probation

    Serving Wichita County, Texas Courts